martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

Give green light to your conscience.

Natural disasters, floods, melting of glaciers, floods and other severe and phenomena are largely produced by human activity and waste of natural resources (which are limited) and are the consequences of global warming and climate change.
Today we must cooperate for our grandchildren to breathe better air, now is not an option we want to recycle and protect the environment is a must and a necessity of governments, industries and citizens to become agents of sustainable and equitable development, and promoting changes in attitudes towards environmental issues, to advocate for collaboration, and ensure all nations and peoples enjoy a safer and more prosperous future.
Do not forget to turn off the lights when leaving a room or daylight is sufficient. Produce less garbage, recycle, reuse, repair. Paper, for example, is a major source of methane. Share subscriptions to newspapers and magazines with friends, after reading the papers use to clean windows and mirrors, and then take them to recycling centers. Consider that in Japan making paper pulp reused from 1035. • To remove waste from the pots avoid using abrasives. Better put some vinegar and heat until boiling, then wipe with it. Office • Turn off your computer when not in use: a device on standby can represent up to 70% of its daily consumption. • Recycle printer paper as often as necessary. Use double-sided paper.? With cell phones and batteries • Some companies and mobile operators have joined with the Ministry of Environment since 2007 in the campaign "Recycle your mobile phone and communicate with the earth." • Do not throw away your mobile phones and batteries, take them to the operating companies which perform an encoding process, assembly, quality control and collection of cell phones. And finally, one more tip, do not litter the streets, better plant a tree.

"The least polluting energy is not consumed"

1. Use public transport, cycling or walking instead of car whenever possible.
2. Appliances purchase energy-efficient, Class A and B.
3. Washing full load before you start and use the most economical wash programs.
4. All teams that go with remote control to turn them off properly if we are not going to continue to use.
5. With a quick shower saves more water than the bath.
6. Do not leave the tap running while brushing your teeth or hands.
7. Use energy saving light bulbs, keeping only lighted lamps required. Use of natural light.
8. Use shades, blinds and put insulation in door and window seals. Harnessing the sun in winter.
9. Check heating and air conditioning every two years. Use air conditioning only when you are present and put it at 25 º C (77 º F). The heating make it 20 to 21 º C (68-70 º F) and lower at night or when you're not, use thermostat.
As a postscript: I add the track recycling glass, paper and cardboard, packaging and organic waste

lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

The best memories of school

A bit of me in school, just to never forget, I remember at that time had no preocupasiones of anything, and I enjoyed studying with my classmates, in the first photo came out in 6th grade when I saw my diploma! I am finally going to take off this uniform white, I use the sky was happy entered a new phase, while the secondary are very cute in the pictures below was in high school and think it was a super experience that I lived with my colleagues 4th and 5th year, study, dance, toys, 2 chances in the state we travel merida everything was fun, in the photos is my godmother and my fellow promotion promotion. both share after I get my bachelor's degree who dreamed of a time with my parents at the time of delivery I said, now if I go to my dreams, then I enrolled in college etudier social communication, and today I am a few steps academically made to feel I am in the 9th quarter of my career. This year I am a graduate ....

jueves, 27 de enero de 2011

The people in my file

     My mother and father are the 2 most important people in my life are admirable, wake up every day to work to give children the best, is my role model my inspiration my strength my all, as individuals and human beings are humble even in the hardest heart are able to enter. I love
    He is my brother, so beautiful is 17 years, accounting students, in love like no other, music lover loves movies and parties
    She is my sister is 28 years old, she is just kissing, crazy and working
    She is my younger sister is 17, is tremendous and loving, loves children, is a student of education
   Yosbeiry she is my best friend, my colleague, my classmate and mischief, she is my friend unconditional crazy and very smart
     They are my colleagues and friends, great fun and crazy personality

    They are my acquaintances and friends, beautiful love Noris, hardworking and very intelligent, beautiful Jary love of life with big dreams of being a recognized model.

    He is my father, my supervisor is aware of everything, to where I go, where I come, I do, with who I am, everything.
    The beauty is my boyfriend is 23 years old, is a lawyer, always admire my beauty as a man in love, I describe in one word LOVE! I LOVE YOU.